Jun 21

11 Reasons Attributed to Real Estate Success

… and not one of them was a technology solution or tool.



Asking questions is a great way to understand your clients … their needs, wants and desires.  In Process Engineering or Six Sigma “terms”.  It’s called Voice of the Customer.

So it was with great interest that I read the responses to Tech Savvy Agent’s Facebook Page request, back on May 26th.

“Name the ONE thing you can attribute to having the biggest impact (and therefore success) in your (real estate) business:”

Please note that the question asked was “Name the one …”, not name the top 11 reasons.  Nonetheless, out of 56 responses only 6 respondents listed a technology solution or tool as the “… ONE thing” they attributed to their real estate success.

Now I took the liberty of combining what I felt were similar reasons; so here’s the top 11 in descending order:

  1. Attitude – more than 14% of respondents attributed their success to attitude.  They used terms like passion, their willingness to “stick to it”, loving what they do, and having confidence in their ability.
  2. Brokerage – with almost 11% of respondents, where they choose to work, the environment, colleagues, training, and atmosphere were all contributors to why they felt this was their number one reason for their real estate success.  Accolades to those brokers that create the right type of environment for helping them to succeed!
  3. Mentors – 9% gave credit to their mentors and the coaching they received.  Some went so far as to name coaches that have impacted their success and included Chris Smith, Darin Persinger, and Brian Buffini.
  4. Motivated – Now this could have been easily included with Attitude, above, but there were 7% of respondents who identified motivation as their number one reason for real estate success.  Of particular note was the respondent who listed expensive toys!  If you like them and want to keep them … well, you better be motivated!
  5. Take Action – It’s often said that you won’t enjoy success, unless you’re willing to take action.  This and the next two categories each garnered a little over 5%.
  6. Service to Clients – For one real estate professional I’ve recently met, Kevin Gagnon with Foley Real Estate, Falmouth, MA, service to his clients is his trademark.  Kevin will tell you (and I suspect his clients will, too), “No one will beat the service I provide my clients … no one!”
  7. Relationships – We all like doing business with and referring business to people we know like and trust.
  8. 80/20 – Knowing what to focus on … doing the most important tasks first is what a little over 3.5% of respondents identified … same for the next three reasons.
  9. Tenacity
  10. Business Plan – got to have a plan …
  11. Knowledge – which includes knowledge about their market

And what were the technology or tool reasons identified as the number one reason for success?  In no particular order they were: Imaging, Blog, Database, Web Site, Video, and Twitter.

Interesting, eh?

Now, I’m confident that if the question were,  “What Ten Things Do You Attribute To Your Real Estate Success?”, use of a particular technology or tool would be right up there.  It’s just noteworthy to note that almost 90% of respondents choose something other than technology as their number ONE.

So I’m curious, Where does leveraging one or all of the six technology tools listed above rank in contributing to your success? Take a moment and share by posting in the comments, below.

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To your success … Paul


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  1. An excellent post Paul. I love the list with # 3, 5 & 7 being my top three. Great share.

    1. Thanks, Danny. I like them all, but I think that you picked out my three favorites. As soon as I hear the word “mentor”, I’m reminded of the wonderful individuals who have touched my life … and similarly, too, with “relationships”. And of course … nothing happens if we don’t take action, eh? Thanks for stopping by.

    • Jo Amick on August 4, 2011 at 7:59 pm
    • Reply

    I totally agree with this post. Without the right attitude, motivation or action taken, one may seem to lack the real estate success that one is looking for. Also, having a great mentor makes the top of the list too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Jo, for your comments. So I’ve got to ask you, instead of what’s your number 1, “Where would you rank using technology & social media on a list of reasons for your real estate success?” Thanks, again for joining the conversation. Paul

        • Jo Amick on September 8, 2011 at 3:35 am
        • Reply

        Paul, I would rank social media and technology very high as well. The reason why is because in today’s real estate market, technology is the key to success in real estate. Thanks for asking!

  2. These are all great tool to success. You really can’t have one without the other. Jo Amick had a great point in saying that social mediaa and technology ranks very high as well.

    1. Thank you for sharing your input, Brandy. I agree with yours and Jo Amick’s comments re: social media & tech. I continue to hear about a greater share of leads coming to real estate professionals leveraging their use of these tools. Please stop by again, soon. Paul

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