Nov 15

A Message For Real Estate Agents Who Blog And Don’t Know How To Get Content

Are you struggling to write articles for your blog?

When you hear statistics like, “98% of agents don’t blog regularly.”, you ask yourself, how is that possible?  You know they want to stay “top of mind”, yet how often have you visited someone’s blog only to see that the last post was three months ago, last year, even two years ago?  If you want to have your subscribers, “lurkers” and clients visiting your blog, you’ll want to keep your blog updated … and it’s easy to do if you’ll follow a time table and post regularly.

“OK, Paul, but, I’ve noticed that you’re not the most regular blogger on RE Marketing Exchange, either.”  Well, that’s true, but I’m working on it … recognizing your short comings is the first step to improvement, yes?

So I want to share with you a system that was shared with me.

One evening last week, I was working on my social media planning and remembered a very informative webinar that Suzanne Roy and Chris Smith from Tech Savvy Agent gave on blogging, Strategic WordPress Real Estate Blogging.  If you’re new to blogging or just want to do a refresher on the ins and outs of setting up and running a successful blog, I’d highly recommend your watching it.

That being said, Suzanne offered a very simple strategy for creating content … writing your blog:

  • Week 1 – Write an article about a particular community or neighborhood that’s in your market area.
  • Week 2 – Write an article about a specific attraction or event in your area.  Hey it could be one that’s upcoming (you could even use your photos from last year’s if it’s an annual event) or one that you recently attended.
  • Week 3 – Write about a business or restaurant in your market. Let the owner know and ask if they’d like to offer a special discount for your readers.
  • Week 4 – Write an article about a particular real estate market statistic in your market area … and keep it positive.  No one wants to read gloom and doom … enough said.

So there you have it.  Could it be any easier … well, yes, in fact it could.

I have an offer for you.  I’ll even go so far as to send you a tip of the week.  It’s already written and all you need to do is put your name on it … or better yet, use it to create a short video to post to your blog and boost your search engine ranking (…they love video).  Interested? 

Here’s how … just enter your email address in the form on the right panel to get free updates from RE Marketing Exchange and post a comment below.  If you follow Suzanne’s suggestion, and take me up on my free offer, you’ll have all the content you’ll need.

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