Hi, there; and welcome to Real Estate Marketing Exchange.  My name is Paul Donoghue and I’m a seasoned real estate / banking professional covering Cape Cod and adjacent communities for my Bank, Santander.  That’s me in the bottom left hand corner of the photo above taken this past July 4th along with some of my family.

I began this blog back in November of 2010 for the purpose of having a place on the internet to capture and share ideas, tips, tools and strategies to help others and myself leverage the use of technology together with sound business practices to serve our clients and build our businesses.   I go about business in a little different way; and rather than handing our rate sheets and donuts, I am always looking for ways that I can enhance and help build my referral partners’ businesses, while at the same time helping their clients improve their financial health.

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the last 4 years, it’s that the internet has not changed the fact that building deeper connections with our clients and prospects is paramount to the success of one’s business.  It’s just that we now have additional tools for maintaining those connections and providing clients and prospects with information.

So whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, Gmail (I love Gmail!), YouTube, or emailing to your database of past clients and prospects, once I understand your goals and objectives, I’ll work with you to develop a plan and help maximize your results … And notice that it’s an Exchange.  I welcome  and encourage your input.  What is it that they say? “If you really want to master a subject, teach it.”  Got a concept to share that will help others build their business, I’d love to have you write a Guest Post.  Just send me an email, donogrp@gmail.com, and we can discuss.

… And just to show you how serious I am about helping you build your business, I’ll give you a copy of Simple Sales Copy … an easy to use tool that will help you write blog headlines that help get your blog posts read … AND that’s just one of the ways to use it.

I use it all the time, and I guarantee it will help you and your copy-writing, too!

Enter your email address and name below to get FREE Instant Access to your own copy of Simple Sales Copy delivered right to your email box. Not only is it an easy to use tool that will help you write great headline copy … that’s just one of it’s features. So rather than sit there staring at a blank page, join the others that are using Simple Sales Copy and create headlines that create interest and copy that gets read to help build your real estate business.


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Here’s to your success … Paul

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