Jan 09

An Opportunity to Listen to Two Experts in Influencing


Having great presentation skills … being a master presenter enables you to be more effective at conveying ideas and recommendations and communicating with others.  Knowing how to influence others to take action that’s in their best interest …  now that’s a skill that will make every presenter more effective.

Here’s an opportunity to listen to two of the biggest names in influence teaching, Roberto Monaco and Kevin Hogan … just Google “Influence expert”.

In early October 2010, I had the opportunity to spend three days at a retreat where Roberto was one of the presenters.   This guy ROCKS!  He’s a master trainer, coach, and one of the founders of InfluenceOlogy, Roberto was #1 for sales and revenue for six years, while working for Anthony Robbins.  He’s conducted thousands of presentations on sales, influence and presentation skills for some big names … most importantly he’s a great guy that I know you’d like to get to know.

Kevin Hogan has authored 19 books and is best know for his best seller, the Phycology of Persuasion and has been an expert for ABC, Fox, BBC, The NY Times, and popular magazines like Forbes, Investors Business Daily, Success, & Cosmopolitan.

So when I got my email from Jeff Paro, Roberto’s partner and a great guy on his own, about their upcoming one hour “What every sales person, entrepreneur and presenter MUST know about Influencing groups online and off-line.”, I signed up.   … and then I thought … HECK, I know some people who I think would be interested in listening to Roberto and Kevin … and that includes you.

It’s scheduled for Wednesday, January 12th, 7:00 PM PST … 10:00 PM EST … and it’s FREE. plus you’ll get a transcript and free mp3 of the presentation.  Now I haven’t told Roberto that I’m sharing this, so I may be “in trouble”, but he seems more like the kind of person that would want me to share.  So here’s the link to sign-up and learn more:  http://budurl.com/Influencing.

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