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Husband, Dad, banker, real estate professional, delighted to call Cape Cod home. I'm blessed to be doing the kind of work that's provided the most satisfaction during my career ... helping clients improve their financial health and referral partners build their business. If you're interested in either ... or would just like a suggestion on what to do on your next visit to Cape Cod, then give me shout.

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Nov 07

The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Very well done video by RSA,  And who is the RSA?  From their site:  “In the light of new challenges and opportunities for the human race our purpose now is to develop and promote new ways of thinking about human fulfillment and social progress.” … and they’ve been at it for more than 250 …

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Oct 13

Patronizing for the Sheer Experience

So … this past Sunday night, I was flying back from Tampa, FL; having spent three days with my mastermind group learning about the Psychology of Execution. Great stuff!  I’ll share some of what we learned over the next couple of weeks. Back to the flights … Twice in the span of two hours, I …

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Sep 22

Where I Think You Want To Be With Your Approach to Social Media; A Personal Update

Where I Think You Want To Be With Your Approach to Social Media: For the last six months, I’ve spent a fair amount of time studying social media and learning how to use it both personally and in business.  I joined Facebook (after telling my family and friends that I’d never do so), launched a …

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Sep 05

1992, an Apple or a Donut, and Irrationality

So if you’re anything like me, you started off your “connected” day checking your email and social media connections, like facebook and twitter.  Well, on my News Feed this morning was a video from my friend Ed Conarchy that was not only cleverly constructed, but for me contained a message that struck home.  Ed’s not …

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Aug 30

RE Bar Camp / Orlando (#REBCORL) and a Fire Hose

For the last few weeks, especially the last few days I feel like I’m “drinking from a fire hose”… So we’re in the midst of getting ready to move back to Cape Cod from south Florida (Yeah, I know. What are you thinking?), and we’ve been deep into all the activities associated with the transition: …

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Jul 05

How does your use of social media in your real estate business compare?

Last week, I came across the article below, but didn’t make the time to share it. It’s a very good article to use for benchmarking, if you will … both yours and your company’s use of social media. One firm, for example, uses Facebook & Twitter to provide followers with a state of the housing …

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