Nov 30’s Mobile App ROCKS!

boxdroid_photoAnother online storage and sharing option is  While it doesn’t offer the sync and back-up features like Dropbox does in its free version, it does offer 5GB of storage FREE (sync and more are available for paid accounts).  They’re both great tools to have at your disposal, and they make it incredibly convenient for sharing files.  No longer do you need to carry around a USB, unless for some reason, you’re not going to have connectivity to the net.

What I really like about, in addition to the FREE 5GB of storage is a killer feature that they’ve added to their mobile app.  Not only can you download, upload, attach to email and view files from your account on your smartphone, but you can also use a feature that will enable you to take a photo or shoot video and automatically upload it to your account.

I tested it out on my HTC droid. In fact the photo above was taken using my HTC and automatically uploaded to my account.  Think about it … No need to connect your smartphone to your PC to download the .jpg or send it to your email account, login, etc.

boxdroid_menuWhen you select Create from the Box mobile menu, it gives you the option to open your droid’s camera, video, or audio recording app.  Once you’ve captured your image(s) or audio, the application enables you to rename the file and uploads it to your Box account. So think about it for a moment … You’re preparing for a showing, tomorrow, and you just happen to come across what looks like a strong possibility for one of your clients.  The listing agent hasn’t uploaded the home’s “tour”, yet, and there are only a few photos on  Take out your smartphone; shoot some photos and video; post them to a folder you’ve just created for your client; and send them the link.

Are you ready? Using the Upload menu, you can also choose existing content from your smartphone and select and upload, too. also has apps for the iPhone and iPad.  While I only tested the droid application, it appears that similar functionality exists for them, too.

So if you haven’t already set yourself up with accounts for both and Dropbox, what are you waiting for?  … and don’t forget the extra 250MB that both you and I get for opening your Dropbox account by clicking here,

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