Nov 08

Do Your Email Messages Match The Person You’re Sending Them To?

email“Your email marketing is not about open rates and click-thrus.  It’s about conversion … and your building rapport and trust with your recipients.” 

Jimmy Mackin and Chris Smith host a weekly show about real estate called the WaterCooler using Google Hangouts.  I recently watched an interview titled “Email Marketing and Lead Conversion”.  Their guest was Dan Stewart from Happy Grasshopper. Together they share some great insight on humanizing your emails.

Here’s a few:
– Stop selling and get them to know, like, and trust you.
-Forget templated email.  Plain text is, now, sexy; and 90% of your email is likely being read on a mobile device, anyway.
-Stop writing essays.  Remember BREVITY.
-Choose a schedule … stick to it.  Volume over time, matters.

They also have a segment that begins around 53:55, wherein they discuss opportunities for Brokers to improve their use of email, when communicating with prospective Realtors to join their company or team.

If you’re at all interested in using or improving your use of email in your real estate business, then I highly recommend your watching.

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