Jan 01

Don’t Envy The Successful — Be One

The holiday season is a time for family, reflection and sharing with others.

And so it appears, that in the spirit of reflection and sharing with others, MaryEllen Tribby of WorkingMomsOnly.com shared this infographic of the characteristics, traits, and behaviors of both successful and unsuccessful people she’s met.


It appears that MaryEllen first shared her list, July 25, 2011, in an article entitled Eliminate The Jealousy Factor and Success Will Follow, wherein she contrasts posters’ comments to a USA Today article about The Today Show’s Ann Curry to the reality of how Ms. Curry actually achieved her success.  Then again in an August 13, 2012 post, entitled Success Indicator, she shared an expanded version; relaying her experience from having spoken at an event with Steve Wozniak of Apple fame … noting what struck her the most about Mr. Wozniak was his “overwhelming sense of gratitude”.

So here’s to your success in 2013 and beyond.

If you should ever catch yourself exhibiting those characteristics, traits, or behaviors on the right side, may your inner alarm sound and steer you back to those exhibited by the Successful.

For a full PDF version of The Success Indicator read MaryEllen’s post Merry Christmas – The Success Indicator

Thank you, MaryEllen.


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