Nov 29

Dropbox: Sharing, Syncing, and Automated Back-up

(Here’s a tool that you’ll want to have and I’ve added a special BONUS @ the end)

If you haven’t already done so, get your FREE 2GB Dropbox account and STOP:

  • Emailing file attachments, especially ones to yourself
  • Using sneaker net (using a USB drive to move files between computers)
  • Renaming files for version history (Dropbox can be configured to do it for you automatically)
  • … or BEGIN … backing up your critical files

Want to know more ….

File Sync – in addition to syncing files across your computers, Dropbox enables you to work offline and your changes sync once you reconnect.

File Sharing – share files, photos, and/or folders with those you choose to allow access.

Backup – automatically backup your files with the ability to restore previous versions & 30 days of “undo”.

Web Access – enables access from any computer or mobile device and includes a summary of activity in your Dropbox account.

Security & Privacy – file transmission uses SSL and stored files are encrypted.  Your shared files are only viewable by those you’ve provided with the link.

Mobile – they even have free mobile applications for iPhone & Pad, Android, and Blackberry with my favorite feature being the ability to take photos and videos and sync them to your Dropbox.

So here’s the BONUS!  Just follow this link,, and get an extra 250 MB of free space … for a total 2.25 GB.

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