Jan 03

Getting Your Blog, Facebook Page, or Site Visitors To Take Action–List Building

funnelSo, yesterday, I was working on my new WordPress blog and came to the cold realization that I haven’t posted in over one month.  OUCH!  I do apologize …  Now I have good reason … but you don’t want to listen to my excuses, do you?  What I can tell you though, is that I’ve been working on many things; one of which is a new site for this blog.   Through the processes of selecting a service to host my site, selecting and purchasing my first domain name, and launching WordPress, there’s a fair amount of time and labor involved … BUT there’s also huge benefits, which I’ll be sharing soon.  Enough said … so with that, here’s my first post of 2011.

So why do you want people to take action when they visit your blog, facebook page or web site?  Because … you can’t help them if you don’t know who they are, how to contact them, or what they need.  At a minimum, you’ve spent a lot of time (and likely money) building your presence on line.  Doesn’t it make sense that your online presence should include a compelling offer that motivates your visitor to connect with you?

RE Marketing Exchange_WelcomeSo how do you get your visitors to take action and share their contact information? … Give away something of value.  An example of how I’ve done that can be found on the Welcome tab of my facebook page, RE Marketing Exchange.  Visitors, who are not already fans of the Page are automatically directed to the Welcome tab where they’ll find a FREE offer for a great tool, Simple Sales Copy.  All they need to do is “Like” the Page and they receive directions on how to get their free copy by simply sending an email.

BUT I do something extra to convince them that it’s worth their effort to share their email … and over the holidays, I read a great post on one of the blogs I follow, Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog that reminded me of what that is.  I give them enough reasons or SELL my visitors on why it’s in their best interest to share their email and get a copy of Simple Sales Copy.  Check it out …Does it convince you to get your copy?

In Pat’s guest post by David Risley, David shares some great nuggets, including the key point … that You’ve got to SELL your visitors.  Better yet, he also adds the following, “MYSTERY is what is going to get them to opt into your list.”  Ask yourself, what questions will my free offer answer, then write bullet points that pique their curiosity, “phrased to extract maximum  curiosity.”  Said another way … “Target their biggest “buttons” and “Spike their curiosity”.   

So there … I’ve done it.  I’ve written my first post of 2011.  I’ll take some of David’s advice and tweak my compelling offer, but more importantly, I’d like to hear how you’ll take action and create your own compelling offer and get better at building your list.  Comment below or drop me a note at donogrp@gmail.com if you’d like to know how I created my “call to action”, and best wishes to you and your family in 2011!

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