Jul 05

How does your use of social media in your real estate business compare?

Last week, I came across the article below, but didn’t make the time to share it. It’s a very good article to use for benchmarking, if you will … both yours and your company’s use of social media.

One firm, for example, uses Facebook & Twitter to provide followers with a state of the housing market, “living tips” for their market, and best to use video to show a home’s features. They’re also tying in video of the community and information about the real estate professional and the brokerage … as in “what we’ll do for you!

There’s more … like:

  • using Meetups, LinkedIn, and Flickr
  • connecting with other RE professionals through ActiveRain and the Flipping Pad
  • providing FREE advice through Trulia and Zillow
  • maximizing their YouTube Channel with a separate Twitter Channel for listings

The post is sponsored by Gist … check it out!

How Real Estate Pros are using social Media for Real Results“.

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