Sep 06

Marketing to Expired Listings and FSBOs

Implementing your flower pot strategy

In this past Tuesday’s Agent Mastermind webinar we revisited a unique approach for marketing to Expired Listings and FSBOs using the Flower Pot Strategy. 

If you’ve never had your home listed for sale and the listing expire, you may not be familiar with just how many solicitations a seller receives.  From personal experience, I can share with you that it’s overwhelming!  

In selling our previous home, we received in excess of a dozen solicitations, when our listing expired.  Some followed up; but a large majority of them did not.  So, if part of your real estate marketing includes expired listings, then you’ll want to know how to differentiate yourself from the other agents that are vying for a seller’s attention.

[pullquote align=”center” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”75%”]… you may not be familiar with just how many solicitations a seller receives.[/pullquote]

It all begins with bonding and building trust; and there’s no better way to accomplish that than finding opportunities to meet your prospective clients face-to-face, letting them know that you’re a real person … not a post card … not a voice message.

In this webinar we covered:

  • How giving Results in Advance will help you stand out
  • How the Law of Reciprocity will cause others to want to give back
  • Tips for approaching sellers; and what to ask them
  • How to maximize your time selling
  • 12 Tips for Prospecting
  • Scripts and the Top 5 Seller Objections; and
  • Why your Conversations are more important that your Conversions

I’ll have the webinar recording and PowerPoint presentation posted, later this weekend; but if you just can’t wait until then or you’re having an Open House this weekend and would like to listen/watch during any down time, you can access an earlier version of the Flower Pot Strategy that we hosted back in April, here:

To your success …



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