Dec 17

Would you agree? This Video Merits 5 Golden Rings?

schwartzbergGratitudeIt’s the one day given to you … Today.

Where will your path take you, today?

There are number of “shares” I’ve been contemplating for what remains of my 12 Days of Christmas post series, but last night while reading a post by my friend Scott Hudspeth, wherein he shared a video from TedX San Francisco, I found today’s. Continue reading

Dec 15

Day 2 & 3: What Might Real Estate Professionals Find More Useful than Turtle Doves & French Hens?

wreathHow many times have you heard the Twelve Days of Christmas during the holiday season?  It’s one of the holiday standards … just like writing good copy for your real estate listing is a standard for top real estate professionals.

And just like there are standards for success in real estate, Continue reading

Dec 13

The First Day of Christmas for Real Estate Professionals

giftThought to self, “Hey, it’s December 13th … Twelve Days til Christmas. How about 12 gifts … in 12 posts between today and the 25th?”

So here goes … Continue reading

Nov 07

The Power of Storytelling in Real Estate Video

Meet the bellman ...I follow Photography for Real Estate, regularly; and this past Friday, Larry Lohrman (hat tip) wrote a brief post about a recent real estate video that had been mentioned in one of his flickr groups.


What a unique approach.  Rather than the typical real estate video with a narrative description of the listing with room visuals, Continue reading

Aug 07

What Do Your Real Estate Customers Want?

realestateSearchI’ve been busy trying to figure out how to better connect with both those in the real estate profession that I’ve met and haven’t yet met.  In particular, I’ve been working on how to leverage for both my Realtor ® partners and myself the use of Twitter and a related application called  If you’re interested, you can check out my progress, here: Cape Cod | Real Estate | Life.

And so it was this past Sunday morning, while working on content sources (Twitter ROCKS for finding great content sources), that I came across a couple of great blogs, that I’d like to include posts from in Cape Cod | Real Estate | Life.

Finding Great Content

One of the techniques I use for finding great content is Continue reading

Aug 03

Stepping Up Your Real Estate Video Game

Short & sweet …

The other day I read this post from the Photography for Real Estate blog titled Houston Real Estate Photographer’s Frist Video – Looking for Feedback.  In the post, Larry Lohrman shares a new video from photographers Jonathan Calvert and Daniel Chee of in Houston, TX, who are looking for input on their latest creation.  It’s a little more like a “short movie short”, but WOW!  Talk about stepping up your use of video in promoting your real estate listings.

Check it out …

So let me ask … Are you using video to promote your business and/or listings?  What do you think about the approach that Jonathan and Daniel have taken with this video?

Jul 07

Permalinks – Fix the Look of your WordPress Blog URLs

Did you say Permalink?

Dura_ace_(XTR)_łańcuchSo one of the ways I help my clients, particularly those in real estate, is to encourage them to have a presence on line; particularly having a blog.  Yes, you can have your online presence with just a web site or just by using Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter (one, all, or even more … did someone say, “YouTube”?), but there’s nothing like having your own self-hosted WordPress blog as the hub of your on line presence.

Now, you can have someone set-up and administer your WordPress blog … handling the technical and back-office aspects for you (… and for many, this is probably the best route); or you can do it yourself.  So this short post is for the “do-it-yourself” types and for those that recognize that it helps to have some understanding of the tasks they’ve assigned to others.


Permalinks are the web URLs of your blog posts; and they’re generated every time you create a post.  When you install WordPress it uses a default that looks something like this:

“But how do I get WordPress to display the URL in a more SEO friendly way?” Continue reading

Jun 21

11 Reasons Attributed to Real Estate Success

… and not one of them was a technology solution or tool.



Asking questions is a great way to understand your clients … their needs, wants and desires.  In Process Engineering or Six Sigma “terms”.  It’s called Voice of the Customer.

So it was with great interest that I read the responses to Tech Savvy Agent’s Facebook Page request, back on May 26th.

“Name the ONE thing you can attribute to having the biggest impact (and therefore success) in your (real estate) business:”

Please note that the question asked was “Name the one …”, not name the top 11 reasons.  Nonetheless, out of 56 responses only 6 respondents listed a technology solution or tool as the “… ONE thing” they attributed to their real estate success.

Now I took the liberty of combining what I felt were similar reasons; so here’s the top 11 in descending order: Continue reading

Jun 13

Ever Wonder About the Power of Video?

886So this weekend, my daughter Katy celebrated her 25th birthday … my how time flies!  So I decided to commemorate her quarter century with a video slide show … well, actually I created two of them.  The first thing I did was gather a number of images … then went about the task of identifying music with “child” and/or “daughters” in the title.  Utilizing Windows Movie Maker, I mixed it all together and viola!

I never intended to create two videos.  The second video came about, because I couldn’t get Tim McGraw’s “My Little Girl” out of my mind.  “My Little Girl” was written by Tom Douglas and Tim McGraw, and recorded by Mr. McGraw; first appearing in the Album, “Tim McGraw Reflected: Greatest Hits Volume 2”.  I think every dad would agree, Continue reading

Jun 09

Random Acts of Kindness Plus

PayingitForwardOK … I know what you’re thinking (… because I’d be thinking, likewise).  What’s with the gap in posting?  Short answer … Just busy and not making the time to write.  Got to change that … Got to change that …

This morning while taking a short break from prepping for a couple of client meetings, I made a “dump run”.  Here in Sandwich, MA, one can use a private company to pick-up your refuse, or you can purchase a “dump sticker” and haul it yourself.  Not sure what it’s like for others; but for me, I find it somewhat therapeutic.


My route takes me through an intersection, Quaker Meeting House Road and the Service Road, where when it’s busy; and if you’re on the Service Road and needing to take a left, well, good luck to you … and that’s where the point of this post begins.  Continue reading