Oct 13

Patronizing for the Sheer Experience

us-airways[1] So … this past Sunday night, I was flying back from Tampa, FL; having spent three days with my mastermind group learning about the Psychology of Execution. Great stuff!  I’ll share some of what we learned over the next couple of weeks.

Back to the flights … Twice in the span of two hours, I came across references to THE POWER of having your business be run so well that your customers are delighted to the point of Patronizing for the Sheer Experience (PFTSE) … (pfffft – seeee).

Given the suggestion that one should write a post (blog) or create a video that addresses any questions that you’re asked more than once … I figured that the same theory should be applied to one running across similar compelling content crossing your path during two US Airways legs home to BOS … well, it’s really destination, Cape Cod.

I came across the first reference to PFTSE in Jim Hogle’s book, Creating Customers For Life.  Jim references Walt Disney’s formula for success in any chosen area of business, Walt’s “Law of Unlimited Abundance”.  It states:


… and guess what.  They do bring others to see it!

no-bs[1] I found the second PFTSE reading Dan Kennedy’s July issue of his newsletter, “NOB.S,” …”No, Paul, it’s not “NOBS”, it’s No BS.”  It being my inaugural read of Mr. Kennedy’s newsletter, he included a brief tribute to “The Varsity” in Atlanta, as a contrast to the horrible experience he endured attempting to close his ING account.

Mr. Kennedy shares that “The Varsity Diner”, which is noted for its burgers, chili dogs, and onion rings, provides such an incredible experience and emotional connection for its patrons, that some loyalists travel great distance to visit several times a year.  WOW … It’s just a burger … but then again, it’s not the burger … it’s PFTSE!

So here’s my question to you.  What about your business?  Are you just providing real estate services, or are you providing that powerful memorable experience that captures your customers’ emotions and causes them to “bring others to see it?”

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