Jun 09

Random Acts of Kindness Plus

PayingitForwardOK … I know what you’re thinking (… because I’d be thinking, likewise).  What’s with the gap in posting?  Short answer … Just busy and not making the time to write.  Got to change that … Got to change that …

This morning while taking a short break from prepping for a couple of client meetings, I made a “dump run”.  Here in Sandwich, MA, one can use a private company to pick-up your refuse, or you can purchase a “dump sticker” and haul it yourself.  Not sure what it’s like for others; but for me, I find it somewhat therapeutic.


My route takes me through an intersection, Quaker Meeting House Road and the Service Road, where when it’s busy; and if you’re on the Service Road and needing to take a left, well, good luck to you … and that’s where the point of this post begins. 

There’s a recycling center, Resource Recovery, located on the Service Road, near the intersection; and their tractor trailers have to navigate the intersection to get to their destination.  So approaching the intersection this morning, I could see in the distance one of their tractor trailers trying to enter the intersection … and no one is letting them in.  So I slow … flash my lights … the driver enters the intersection … waves, and he’s on his way.

And then I thought about what that felt like.  WOW, that was easy.  A kind gesture, followed by an exchange between two individuals, just trying to “do their thing”.  It reminded me of the Liberty Mutual commercials where a series of individuals witness an act of kindness; and then in the next scene, they’re doing their own act of kindness for someone else.  What an easy way to put a smile someone’s face … and yours, too!

As real estate professionals, we help others all the time … but sometimes, it helps to be reminded (… it did for me) how one little act of kindness can pay dividends for all.

Paying it Forward …

P.S.  and check this out … There’s even an organization built around Random Acts of Kindness, www.randomactsofkindness.org.  Be sure to visit and check out their list of Kindness Ideas … great ideas for making a difference in someone’s life and finding content for your blog!



  1. Great share and post. I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness and I appreciate you sharing this resource. I will sure pay it forward.

    1. Thanks, again, Danny. What’s funny about this post is that I’ve had more off blog wisecracks from some of my friends and colleagues; BUT truth be told, this post has had the most hits of any posts on my site … and every time I drive by this intersection (daily) I’m reminded to do my “random act” that day. ;D Cheers!

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