Jun 09

Random Acts of Kindness Plus

PayingitForwardOK … I know what you’re thinking (… because I’d be thinking, likewise).  What’s with the gap in posting?  Short answer … Just busy and not making the time to write.  Got to change that … Got to change that …

This morning while taking a short break from prepping for a couple of client meetings, I made a “dump run”.  Here in Sandwich, MA, one can use a private company to pick-up your refuse, or you can purchase a “dump sticker” and haul it yourself.  Not sure what it’s like for others; but for me, I find it somewhat therapeutic.


My route takes me through an intersection, Quaker Meeting House Road and the Service Road, where when it’s busy; and if you’re on the Service Road and needing to take a left, well, good luck to you … and that’s where the point of this post begins. 

There’s a recycling center, Resource Recovery, located on the Service Road, near the intersection; and their tractor trailers have to navigate the intersection to get to their destination.  So approaching the intersection this morning, I could see in the distance one of their tractor trailers trying to enter the intersection … and no one is letting them in.  So I slow … flash my lights … the driver enters the intersection … waves, and he’s on his way.

And then I thought about what that felt like.  WOW, that was easy.  A kind gesture, followed by an exchange between two individuals, just trying to “do their thing”.  It reminded me of the Liberty Mutual commercials where a series of individuals witness an act of kindness; and then in the next scene, they’re doing their own act of kindness for someone else.  What an easy way to put a smile someone’s face … and yours, too!

As real estate professionals, we help others all the time … but sometimes, it helps to be reminded (… it did for me) how one little act of kindness can pay dividends for all.

Paying it Forward …

P.S.  and check this out … There’s even an organization built around Random Acts of Kindness, www.randomactsofkindness.org.  Be sure to visit and check out their list of Kindness Ideas … great ideas for making a difference in someone’s life and finding content for your blog!


About Paul Donoghue

Husband, Dad, banker, real estate professional, delighted to call Cape Cod home. I'm blessed to be doing the kind of work that's provided the most satisfaction during my career ... helping clients improve their financial health and referral partners build their business. If you're interested in either ... or would just like a suggestion on what to do on your next visit to Cape Cod, then give me shout.


  1. Danny Welsh

    Great share and post. I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness and I appreciate you sharing this resource. I will sure pay it forward.

    1. Paul Donoghue

      Thanks, again, Danny. What’s funny about this post is that I’ve had more off blog wisecracks from some of my friends and colleagues; BUT truth be told, this post has had the most hits of any posts on my site … and every time I drive by this intersection (daily) I’m reminded to do my “random act” that day. ;D Cheers!

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