Aug 30

RE Bar Camp / Orlando (#REBCORL) and a Fire Hose

For the last few weeks, especially the last few days I feel like I’m “drinking from a fire hose”…

So we’re in the midst of getting ready to move back to Cape Cod from south Florida (Yeah, I know. What are you thinking?), and we’ve been deep into all the activities associated with the transition: getting the house ready for sale (“WOW! If I knew that it would only cost $x, then we should have done this a long time ago.” Or the one that I’ve enjoyed the most goes something like this … “WOW! Your home looks like a showcase. What a difference … it’s a complete 180. You probably don’t want to move, now.” No! Our home was not a dump … I like to think of it more like we are more willing to live with “things” than perhaps others might not be. ;D) ; interviewing and selecting a real estate professional; getting the kids resettled for school and soccer; finding a place in MA on or near the Cape to hang my “shingle”; and of course keeping the place and yard looking like a showcase home.

But a little more H20 started flowing through the hose last Wednesday, when I suddenly realized ……………….
 that I had the wrong date for Real Estate Bar Camp / Orlando that I had planned to attend… as in OMG!, it’s today. After giving it some thought (No, you cannot jump in the car and drive there … that’s a waste of time), I recalled attending my first on line RE Bar Camp and noting how many were using twitter to add to the presentations being made.

Now, I’ve been “on twitter” for > 1year, but haven’t taken the time to figure out how to incorporate it into my daily use. Sure enough though, I’m now getting the #REBCORL feed complete with commentary and even links to a few of the presenters’ presentations. Not only that, but with a few clicks, I’m learning about those tweeting and finding links to their twitter profiles, blogs, and web sites …. Fire Hose! This stuff is good, and could undoubtedly provide all the material one could want for posting to your blog and/or sharing with referral partners to help them with their social media strategy and business … so I’m bookmarking … reading … following links … and bookmarking some more. 51 bookmarks later, I’m done!

So I thought that in this post I would share some of those “items” I came across. Perhaps you’ll find a “nugget” or two to incorporate in your on line presence, social media strategy, or real estate business.


Top 20 Social Media To-Do List  by Lesley Lamb. Here’s a very short (really, just 4 pages) outline of 20 key steps to implementing a sound social media strategy. What I love about what Lesley did is she broke the steps down into five elements each for channel: Twitter, Facebook, Blogging, and Media. Kudos!

Geolocation, Geolocation, Geolocation  by Morriss Partee. Morriss has posted a useful presentation on geolocation , including history, the top three apps (Foursquare, Gowalla, and Facebook Places) and some great suggestions on how you might use geolocation in your real estate business. You might want to: Check in when showing a house; Create a spot for your listed house; Tools to help your client search like Trulia, Zillow, and Zip; or Create a tour of your area, reinforcing you as an expert!

People you might want to check out on Twitter, who attended #REBCORL:

Julia Stander; Ken Granger; Lesley Lambert; Mike Mueller; Morriss Partee; (updated 10/14/2015 … Jonathan is now The Podcast Factory; & Todd Carpenter  There were quite a few more “tweeting”, but these were the ones that seemed to catch my attention.  Figuring how to best utilize Twitter is on my list.  If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please feel free to share by posting in the Comments, below.

Links from the “Fire Hose”

QR Code technology
GoWalla - Geo Location
Instant Press Release - Automate press release creation
Publish in a format designed to make your documents look their best
Your Visual Resource for All Things WordPress (Help with your blog?)
Great resource for finding tools and techniques to use online in your real estate business
So that’s my “story” …. I’m sad that I missed the opportunity to attend #REBCORL, but perhaps most of all, to have missed the opportunity to meet those that attended.
Technology is providing us all with alternative opportunities to meet and share.  If you get a chance, come and share with us on Facebook, too, @ RE Marketing Exchange … and if you haven’t already done so, subscribe via the Feed by clicking on Post, at the bottom of this page; or you can subscribe via email by clicking: Subscribe to RE Marketing Exchange by Email.
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