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Real Estate Marketing Using Video and YouTube

YouTubeIn the January 13, 2015 AMM webinar, Realtor® Dave Woodson shares his success in using video and how he does it. 

Here’s a guy who found video by accident back when he did mortgages.  In 2009 he created a video where he called himself the #1 FHA lender in the State of Indiana.  A month later he happened to Google that term; and the 1st result that appeared was his video! 

Surprised, he set about to understand how that had happened; and what he found was that it all had to do with what he said in the video.  How he keyworded it; how he said it; where he put it on line; and he wasn’t even using YouTube at the time.  He was posting his video to Vimeo. 

Dave presents in such a simple straightforward manner, that one can’t help but ask oneself

“Why am I not making the time to create videos that inform and help me connect with my clients and prospects?”

As Dave shares, “I put my pants on the same way as everyone else.  It’s just how you choose to spend your time.”  Here’s what he covers and what you’ll learn, so that you can easily implement video in your real estate marketing:

  • Why most agents don’t use video (you’re not alone)
  • The equipment and software you’ll need (and likely already have …)
  • 6 great ways to use video
  • 3 steps to lead generation
  • How to edit
  • How to upload to YouTube and how to describe your video to maximize SEO
  • How to Implement & Share

If you’ve been thinking about creating video to use in your real estate marketing, I guarantee that you’ll find more than one nugget in Dave’s presentation.  So what are you waiting for?


To your Success …



P.S.  You can view the PowerPoint from the webinar here: Real Estate Video Marketing Using YouTube with Realtor Dave Woodson; and to view the replay of the recorded webinar, just click on the image or follow the link, below.  Please note that you must be logged in to Real Estate Marketing Exchange to view the replay.  If you haven’t already registered, just follow the prompts … it’s easy.


VideoPlayer_Real Estate Video Marketing with YouTube


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