Nov 07

The Power of Storytelling in Real Estate Video

Meet the bellman ...I follow Photography for Real Estate, regularly; and this past Friday, Larry Lohrman (hat tip) wrote a brief post about a recent real estate video that had been mentioned in one of his flickr groups.


What a unique approach.  Rather than the typical real estate video with a narrative description of the listing with room visuals, this video takes a very creative approach through the use of storytelling.  Using as a storyline the creation of an outline for a property video, we watch as the listing agent, Brian Lewis, taps out his vision while seated at his typewriter (clever prop).

So check it out …


A Property Video Outline

  • the listing
  • meet the broker
  • the area and conveniences of the neighborhood
  • features of the building … meet the doorman
  • introduces himself
  • cutaway shots to the homes features:
    • the entryway
    • closets; all eight of them (How to make introducing a closet fun!)
    • the hideaway office
    • the kitchen
    • the owners renovations (… and look, the video was shot and the rooms lit at the right time of day so you can see the view!)
    • the dining room (seating for 10)
    • the bedroom with built-ins en suite bath
    • second bedroom (clever prop use; jack-in-the-box)
    • the third bedroom with private entrance
  • “I’ve got to get a laptop.”

It shows all the home’s features, like most real estate videos, but what makes it different and memorable is that it also let’s you see the neighborhood and get to know a little about the listing agent, all while following a very cleverly told story about preparing a property video.

When time permits, be sure to check out some of the other video that Halstead Property Videos has produced.  Very creative … some of the best use of video in real estate, I’ve found.

— And please be sure to share below other real estate videos you’ve enjoyed.  Just post the link and why you like them in the comments.


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