Aug 07

What Do Your Real Estate Customers Want?

realestateSearchI’ve been busy trying to figure out how to better connect with both those in the real estate profession that I’ve met and haven’t yet met.  In particular, I’ve been working on how to leverage for both my Realtor ® partners and myself the use of Twitter and a related application called  If you’re interested, you can check out my progress, here: Cape Cod | Real Estate | Life.

And so it was this past Sunday morning, while working on content sources (Twitter ROCKS for finding great content sources), that I came across a couple of great blogs, that I’d like to include posts from in Cape Cod | Real Estate | Life.

Finding Great Content

One of the techniques I use for finding great content is to see who people I follow on Twitter are following.  Today, I came across what appears to be a great resource for Cape Cod inspired “ …recipes, food tips, cooking experiences, and entertaining ideas from this beautiful place Laurie Iseman calls home.”, Fishtails and Pearls, gems from Cape Cod Cooks …  Tell me that her photographs don’t just make you want to run out, buy the ingredients and start prepping!

And so in checking out who Laurie, @CapeCodGems, follows on Twitter, I found Stan Fossum, @stanfossum, and a link he had tweeted to an image containing a quote from Seth Godin, “If you wait until there is another case study in your industry, you will be too late.”  As it turns out, the image is one of 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes (slideshare, below) put together by HubSpot, which lead me to the topic for this post …

Here’s What Visitors to Your Real Estate Blog/Web Site Want

Larry Weber - MarketingToTheSocialWeb

People go online to get information.  Think about it … whether on your smart phone, sitting with your laptop, or on your iPad, that search term that you’re entering in Google … well, you’re looking for information; a source or site that will fill your needs.  So when visitors come to your real estate site or blog, does it have:

  • information that shows off your expertise?
  • valuable content that your targeted visitors will find relevant and useful?
  • a resources section that helps people get answers?
  • an easy to navigate way for them to locate your contact information?
  • clear directions for how to ask for more information?
  • premium content of sufficient value that they’ll gladly swap “contact for content”?

Think in terms of what’s in it for my visitors.  It’s not about you or your company.  It’s about helping your visitors accomplish a goal, resolve a problem, or fulfill a need.

It’s what I’m building with Real Estate Marketing Exchange … a place where you can find useful information to help grow your business … and premium content?  If you haven’t already done so, get your free copy of Simple Sales Copy.  Instructions are in the sidebar.  It’s my way of bringing premium content that I know will help you write great headlines that will get your blog articles read.  If the title doesn’t pique their interest, they’ll never read your content!

All 101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

And here’s all 101 … some better than others.  Post below and share which one you like best. Have another? Please share.


  1. Video is a huge advantage when selling your home. It can give the buyer a true feeling inside of them that makes them want to go see for themselves. Keep on sharing tips!

    1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s another way to provide prospective buyers with what they crave most … information. What a great way to tell them more than can ever be displayed in just photos and words typed in a template. The neighborhood … the schools … the builder … what will it cost to heat. It’s about story telling … telling the story of the home.

      Here’s an example of a real estate professional that does an outstanding job using video to promote not only his listings, but his market, and the professional services he provides his clients; Charlie Dresen | Sotheby’s – Steamboat Springs. And one of my absolute favorite videos I wrote about in Stepping Up Your Real Estate Video Game.

      Thanks for stopping by … Paul

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