Feb 08

What I didn’t know about LinkedIn and Profile View

linkedinSo my first foray into the world of social media was on LinkedIn, and while I would occasionally get or send an invitation to connect or reach out to one of my connections to ask a question, I’d have to say that my involvement was limited.  I might even go for a couple of months, and never sign in.

Lately, though, especially when I’m working with my clients and business partners, I’ve been thinking about the phrase “facebook, twitter, and linkedin”, and how I might help my business partners promote their real estate business.

Just the other day, I was listening to a podcast by Real-Tech Guy wherein his guest was Mike Bowler, an “Inman Top 50 Most Influential Online”, talked about how he utilizes the three platforms, but in different ways …  And it hit me … It’s likely that many of my clients and most of my business partners are on LinkedIn … and I’m not engaging them there and maybe you’re not engaging yours, either!

So here’s a feature that LinkedIn has always had, but recently changed, that just might provide you with an opportunity to connect more deeply with existing connections and find other LinkedIn members that may have an interest in you, your real estate business, and what you do …”Who’s Viewed Your Profile.

One Way to Make More LinkedIn Connections

So go ahead and change your Profile View in LinkedIn and begin engaging your connections and making new ones.

And hey … this blog is all about you and helping you promote your business.  What other ways have you found to help promote your real estate business using LinkedIn?

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