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What To Check Out – FEB 2nd

What to Check Out is my weekly post of select content & tools I came across during the week … those items that I thought deserved special mention, because they’re either that good … or because they compliment a recent post or theme I’m exploring.

I discover through the use of tools, that if you’re not using in your business, you should.  If you’d like to know which ones, leave me a note in the Comments or send me an email.  

The photo I share is either from my travels on Cape Cod or just an image that caught my eye.


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How To Use Drip Email To Engage and Convert More Real Estate Leads

I can’t agree more.  Ricardo Bueno notes that after reviewing hundreds of real estate sites, the one piece of advice that he would give to most agents to improve the effectiveness of their real estate blog, as a lead generation tool, would be to build an email list.

Whether they’re a buyer registering to use your site’s IDX or a seller interested in finding out what their home is worth, this article shows how to provide them with useful content using your email autoresponder.  Replete with example articles to share, this is one post you won’t want to miss.

An Investigation Into the ROI of Direct Mail vs. Email Marketing [DATA]

Even if you’re not a data junkie, you’ll want to check out the results shared in this post.  Hubspot breaks down an article published by the Harvard Business Review called “Why Email Marketing is King”.  Given all the options we have, today, for connecting with clients and prospects, here’s a great read on why email ROCKS!

The 9 Roadblocks To Success

From Productivity Junkies, Darin Persinger shares 9 Roadblocks stopping you From Success.  I guarantee that this 39 page report is something you’ll want to read.  It not only lists roadblocks that may be preventing your success, but it also includes exercises that will make you think and take assessment of your current activities.  As Darin notes, this report will build your Awareness of those areas in your business and your life where taking action and implementing can yield big dividends.  You’ll want to read this!

To your success … Did you like this?

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