Feb 23

What to Check Out–FEB 23rd

What to Check Out is my weekly post of select real estate marketing content and/or tools I came across during the week … those items that I thought deserved special mention, because they’re either that good … or because they compliment a recent post or theme I’m exploring.

I often discover these through the use of some helpful tools, that if you’re not using them in your business to find relevant content or information, you may want to give them a try.  If you’d like to know which ones, leave me a note in the Comments or send ma an email.

The photo I share is either from my travels on Cape Cod or just an image that caught my eye.  Last year we visited Sandy Neck on a late Sunday winter afternoon and explored the bay side.  This path will take you all the way to the eastern most point, where there’s an enclave of cottages and the lighthouse.  Where is you path leading? …

Sandy Neck Path

How Your Customers Actually Read Your eMails

In this guest post by Chris Hexton from Vero on Conversion XL, he encourages the reader to ask themselves just that; and then shares four important email insights that will help you improve your real estate marketing results from using email.  Read this to learn:

  • why is your subject line is important;
  • does using their name, or personalization, work;
  • do readers look at the P.S., and what should you place there; and
  • why are pictures NOT worth 1,000 words?

 Nine Clever Ways to Kickstart Stagnant Email Conversion Rates …

Gregory Ciotti starts out with the reminder that the lifeblood of any successful blog is the email list.  I like to just call it the “List”.  After all, there’s no better way to stay in touch with your real estate clients and prospects, than by having their email address and personal contact information. 

So if you’re finding that visitors to your blog site are not signing up, here’s a list of 9 clever ways to get them to subscribe by adding value and without  being pushy.

So, I’m curious … What method works best for you in getting visitors to subscribe?

Creating a Referral Engine | Building a Consistent Flow of Leads

So what if your referrals, instead of happening accidentally, as a result of your good work, occurred because of a system you designed and implemented, as a part of your real estate marketing efforts?  Here’s an eBook from John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing that provides, in summarized form, many of the concepts John shares from his best-selling book, The Referral Engine.  And if you’re not already following John’s work, be sure to check it out.

And that’s it for this week.  Let me know which of these best fit your current marketing focus.

As always … to your Success …

Paul D.

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