Feb 09

What to Check Out–FEB 9th

What to Check Out is my weekly post of select content & or tools I came across during the week … those items that I thought deserved special mention, because they’re either that good … or because they compliment a recent post or theme I’m exploring.

I often discover these through the use of some helpful tools, that if you’re not using them in your business to find relevant content or information, you may want to give them a try.  If you’d like to know which ones, leave me a note in the Comments or send ma an email.

The photo I share is either from my travels on Cape Cod or just an image that caught my eye.  This past weekend the Northeast had a major snowstorm, so that my post was a little behind schedule.  Keeping with the “snow theme” …

After Nemo 2013

Email Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Whether it’s just a simple thank you or an auto-responder series that nurtures your buyer leads, email marketing done correctly is likely your best marketing spend.  Here’s an eBook that you can use to build your list, follow the law, target specific segments of your list, and find useful content.

Find Content Marketing Gold by Mining Your Sales Department

This one is a must read if you’re wanting to know the type of content that your clients, prospects, site visitors are looking for.  “More effective content means more leads …” and the fact of the matter is that whether you’re a “one person real estate team” or have a number of individuals in your team, your interactions with clients and prospects are already providing you with content.  You just need to know how to mine that exchange.  A must read … and one that I know I’ll refer to often.

12 Tips for Keyword Selection to Guide Your Content Marketing SEO

Good content is important; and if you want your content to be found on line, understanding keyword selection is an important skill.  Bookmark this article, because as you develop your blog, you’ll want to refer to it often, so that you’re maximizing your use of keywords in attracting readers.

And that’s it for this week.  Were these helpful?

As always … to your Success …

Paul D.

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